Chip and Joanna Gaines Love Story

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This is Chip and joanna gaines from fixer upper TV Show, they are so imaginative and creative at house designing, they have been become designer for so many years, start from become a house desginer, kitchen designer, garden designer, and bathroom designer. They running a beautiful store at and they are on FIXER UPPER TV SHOW, the most awesome decoration tv show at united states right now.

They had so many complimentary at designing content, from house decorating, bathroom decorating, garden decorating and so much more.

FIXER UPPER is an american television reveals on HGTV, starring chip and joanna gaines from Waco, Texas. The very first FIXER UPPER program is aired in May 2013, and the complete season started in April 2014, season 2 started in january 2015, season 3 started in December 2015 and season 4 begain in november 2016, and its still continue previously

Chip and Joanna gaines wordked with client on buying old house then remodelling it, they have been working for over a hundred houses. this perfect creative couple begin at buying three potential houses at central Texas, each of which requires a varying amount of renovation cost. when they choose the house, Joanna designs the old house become a brand new house, and chip leading the contractor.

In my opinion, this kind of tv shows helping so much people at making a choice for their housing furniture, housing space, decoration and so much more, we know that he is always inspiring so many people from their job, their tv shows, their websites and you know that is true. at this one i will give you some of their videos and their images

How beautiful and amazing it was, what an inspiring couple Chip and joanna gaines

Joanna Gaines