The Glamour bathroom

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Choose A Relaxing place such as Bathroom is usually taken a simple and normal design, but we have to know that bathroom design such as bathroom color tiles, and where to put things, organizing goods such as your toothpaste and towel cabinet is something that normal people always missed. Know I want you to know if you have to make sure your bathroom design is “you”

A Glamour bathroom is a place that you can relax, refresh and the most important part is serenity

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Some tips to choose your bathroom color tiles:

  1. Choose what you love and what you like
  2. Choose your color that describes you
  3. Organize your bathroom goods such as toothpaste etc.
  4. Do not let your bathroom get messy


  • Chooshing what you love

    Choosing what you love and what you like is important because you can’t get your most relaxing moment when you are taking a shower if you don’t like something around you, this is because some people using their bathroom to “Sit and think”

  • Chooshing the colour that describes you

    Colors describe a lot of things such as emotion, situation, personality. this is why you have to choose what you loved at most

  • Organizing your bathroom

    It’s a must to organize your bathroom such as, where to put your mirror, your shower, you have to make the floor plan


  • Do not ever let your bathroom get messy

    Keep your bathroom clean corner to corner its a must!

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Now you have to make sure that your bathroom and your bathroom design has all of this stuff, and i will make sure that you will have a good time relaxing, enjoying time while you are taking a shower. “Sit and Think” is the most good part at bathroom for some people. Trust me!