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Image Result For Atom Xml

Image Result For Atom Xml

  • Atom Standard Wikipedia

    Application atom xml Type of format web syndication Extended from XML User interface of a feed reader. The name Atom applies to a pair of related Web standards..

  • What Is Atom Xml Definition From Whatis Com

    Atom is an XML based file format used to syndicate content. Atom was designed to be universal publishing standard for blogs and other Web site where content is .

  • Atom Format Odata Version The Best Way To Rest

    Atom Format OData Version . This document describes the OData Atom Format returned from an OData Service when requesting the application atom xml mime type..

  • What Is Atom Xml Com

    What Is Atom. . Ben Hammersley. Atom The Atom Syndication Format is the next generation of XML based file formats, designed to allow .